1932 Obits from the Jasper News

I have posted the obituaries and the obituary index from the Jasper News for the year 1932. Please note that the obits of Mr. G.W. Smith and Mrs. Emily Cone Pound are not completed, although they are posted. I am waiting for the rest of them from the news office. Again, I have transcribed the obits exactly as they were printed in the paper, typos included.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at mapetty@gmail.com.

Churches of Hamilton County

I have posted a list of churches that either are or were located in Hamilton County and thier contact numbers. It is always wise to call ahead to make sure that someone will be available to help you in your search, should you decide to visit and view records that the church may have on hand.

The list of churches can be found here: Churches of Hamilton County

Annual Report of Ben M. Caldwell

I posted another case that I found while browsing around in the old steel files. I wasn’t sure what it was when I pulled it, but I soon found that it was the annual report of Ben M. Caldwell’s caretaking of a ward – James Bridges. This, of course, only raises more questions: who was James Bridges? Incompentent, according to the papers in the file. Why was Ben M. Caldwell taking care of him? And there is a rather odd line at the end of the accounting: “5% com on $1255.72.” Obviously, Mr. Caldwell was being paid to take care of James Bridges. I will have to look into this further, although it may take some time, as I have several other cases and research projects on my hands at the moment.

You can find this case at the link: Annual Report of Ben M. Caldwell.

If anyone has any insight into this particular case, I would be glad to hear it. Simply email me at mapetty@gmail.com.

As always, Enjoy!

Various Cases from the Court House Archives

I have created a page that will house the various cases that I pull from the Court House Archives while I am searching for different pieces of information. You can find the page here:

Cases From the Court House Archives

Today I have posted the Annual Return of W.Y. Sandlin and P.H. Sandlin. However, there is some discrepancies in the file. On the outer envelope of the file, it states “P.H. Sandlin” but on the actual papers, it says “P.D. Sandlin.” It also appears to be signed “P.D. Sandlin,” so I am inclined to believe that a clerk made an error while typing the envelope to hold the file.


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