Annual Report of Ben M. Caldwell

I posted another case that I found while browsing around in the old steel files. I wasn’t sure what it was when I pulled it, but I soon found that it was the annual report of Ben M. Caldwell’s caretaking of a ward – James Bridges. This, of course, only raises more questions: who was James Bridges? Incompentent, according to the papers in the file. Why was Ben M. Caldwell taking care of him? And there is a rather odd line at the end of the accounting: “5% com on $1255.72.” Obviously, Mr. Caldwell was being paid to take care of James Bridges. I will have to look into this further, although it may take some time, as I have several other cases and research projects on my hands at the moment.

You can find this case at the link: Annual Report of Ben M. Caldwell.

If anyone has any insight into this particular case, I would be glad to hear it. Simply email me at

As always, Enjoy!

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