Update on 212 1st Avenue SW

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have created a page for 212 1st Avenue SW under the “Individual Homes” link at the top of the page. From there, one can find previous homeowner’s deeds. As I gain information on the various homeowners, I will post that as well.

As of this time, I have the transfer of ownership for the following homeowners:
1) Ada C. Stephens and Frances Wynelle Stephens
2) W.A. Lewis and Arrie Lewis
3) Jack R. Taylor and Kathryn B. Taylor
4) Preston J. Daniels and Barbara J. Daniels

208 1st Avenue

This is the second house I have chosen, so I have my two to focus on for now. This is the current home of the Chief of Jasper Police. I spoke with his wife, Becky, at their newly opened restaurant, Mac’s Place, today, and she is very excited about the prospect of research being done on her home. I look forward to the endeavor as well! I will also go by and take an outside picture of the house this week, when I do 212 1st Ave. I have already pulled some of the information from the archives and will work on researching it and typing it this evening. Look for updates in the next few days!!

This picture was taken of June 30, 2007.


212 1st Avenue NW

This is the first house that I have chosen to research. I have pulled a bit of information from the archives at the local courthouse and begun transcribing it. I am not sure that it is absolutely necessary to transcribe the entire mortgage document/promissory note, so I think that I will simply copy the actual transfer of the deeds. I will be working on typing up the information tomorrow, and hopefully will be able to post it in the next few days. Additionally, I intend to go photograph the house one day this week.

This is a picture taken on June 30, 2007.


Where to Start?

I have decided to focus on two houses at one time. I feel that in that way, I will be able to keep busy with one or the other. I have found in previous research that sometimes it is the case that one runs into a dead end, and it is sometimes easier to put a project aside and let it rest before returning to it. For that reason, I will decide this week which two houses I will begin with. Any suggestions?

Please note that when transcribing materials, I will keep the same wording that the original document uses. For example, if a word is misspelled in the original, then I will have it mispelled in the transcription. As a second note, if I cannot read a letter or word in the original document, I will place a question mark (?) in that letter’s place, even if it is in the middle of a word. Thirdly, I will mark identifying features of the original document in bold type on the transcription. This includes handwritten words, phrases, or signatures, as well as stamped words, raised seals or items affixed to the original document.

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoys reviewing a piece of history in real time, and I hope that some use can come of each item.


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