Historical Inventory of Hamilton County, FL

Cases From the Court House Archives

I have decided to create a page that will house the various cases that I pull from the Court House Archives in my searches for different pieces of information. This page will link to the individual cases, and they will be listed by name.

Annual Return of W.Y. Sandlin and P.H. Sandlin, 1926

Annual Report of Ben M. Caldwell, 1932

State of Florida vs George Wood, 1914

Delayed Birth Certificate – Clyde Goodbread Wiggins, Sr.

The Bond of Kirby L. Sandlin, 1918

The Notary Commission of C.A. Stephens, 1918

State of Florida vs O.B. Fowler, 1935

Various & Sundry Warrants, Etc., 1935-1936
State of Florida vs. A. West Castleberry. Assault & Batery.
State of Florida vs. O.B. Fowler. Exhibiting Deadly Weapon In a Careless & Angry Manner.
State of Florida vs. Julian Fowler. Indecent & Vulgar Language.
State of Florida vs. Herman Lindsey. Indecent & Vulgar Language.
State of Florida vs. Fossie Payne. Murder.

School Census, 1854

Delayed Birth Certificate – Lillie Mae Royals


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