Historical Researcher for Hire

Is history on your radar?

Local history, southern history, house/building history, family history or other historical research?

  • What is the history of a local area, the people who lived there, and its buildings and businesses?
  • When was your house built and by whom? What did it look like originally and how has it changed? Who has lived in it?
  • Who were your ancestors? Can you really believe the family stories you’ve been told? Where did your ancestors live and what did they do?
  • What about other historical research? Is there enough information for you to pursue your project? Can your relatives be traced or are there interesting stories in the media?


Do you need a professional historian?

  • You need a special topic researched
  • You need a corporate or media project
  • You need a speaker or media expert
  • You want someone else to do the research for you
  • You want someone to mentor you through the research process
  • You want to present a specialized gift to someone


Let me help you find the answers

  • I find family members, house inhabitants, mysterious origins and many other fascinating things while researching
  • I research local, house and family history projects, as well as other historical research projects
  • I conduct research online and at local archives to complete your project, or I will mentor you as you work through the research process
  • I handle large corporate projects and media work under tight deadlines with ease
  • I conduct my work according to your individual needs, requirements and budget


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