Tax Notices – May 25, 1917 – Part 2

I’ve posted a new batch of tax notices, part of the same listing as Part 1. The tax notices are time consuming and tedious to transcribe, so I’ve decided to break them up into sections.

For this set, the following names are referenced: Johns, McGhin, Williams, Hinton, Pennington, Heirs, Goolsby, Hinton, Lang, Strickland, Hale, Jackson, Law, Roebuck, Cribbs, Willis, Braswell and Taylor.

Examine these tax notices here: Tax Notices – May 25, 1917 – Part 2.

New Postings

December has been terribly hectic with all the holiday decorating and Christmas shopping. I am still working on tax notices, but they are considerably more time consuming than articles, so I’ll leave you with these tidbits for now.

The Jasper News – June 12, 1953

Containing references to Gerald Dedge, Harry E. Wood, McMillan, DeVane and Smith.

The Jasper News – June 19, 1953

Containing references to George W. Kent, Gerald Dedge, Robert McMillan, John Dix, J. P. Jones, A. J. Porter, Maurice Thomas, Betty Porter, L. B. Hill, Edward Kent, Louis Kent, Jimmy Kent, Jesse Kent, and Ivy Kent.