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Florida native Marsanne Petty has loved writing, history and nature from a young age. She studies obscure topics and shares the information she finds for all to read. She does this for two reasons: 1) because she loves it, 2) because she believes that everyone should remember the daily minutia of 19th century life.

Marsanne holds a degree in History, and has won awards for her history studies and writing. Her work has been featured in Georgia Backroads, Jack Magazine, Valdosta Magazine, Jasper News, and Ultimate High School Sports. Images of America: Hamilton County, Florida was published by Arcadia Publishing. Newspaper Capers is a series of original history compilations. Freelance clients include government agencies, corporations and individuals.

Marsanne lives in rural north Florida, where she is surrounded by old growth forests and farm animals. She’s been married to her best friend for twenty years. Together, they have two grown children, several dogs, and a guinea pig.

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