Biographical Sketches

I have created a page for Biographical Sketches to present information on various citizens – past and present – of Hamilton County. As I add additional sketches, I will post an update. I have put the first one up today – Jno. M. Caldwell.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can reach me at


Questions to Answer

I have posted a list of questions for people of Hamilton County to answer. Not all of the questions will pertain to everyone, and not everyone will want to answer all of the questions. If you have any ties to Hamilton County or if your relatives do, perhaps you would like to answer them. The link for the questions is on the side.

The easiest way to get the answers to me would be to copy and paste the questions into an email or word document, answer the questions, and then email them to me at

Thanks for your assistance!

Major Cases of Hamilton County

I have decided to post a link for major cases that occurred in Hamilton County. People always want to see how thier life is better than someone else’s – this allows them that opportunity. Rather than posting the cases by year, I will post them by the main person of the case, as some cases may drag on for quite some time and therefore, fall into two or more years. For now, I only have the articles transcribed from the Jasper News. As additional information is obtained, I will add it accordingly.

I posted these two cases today:
The Killing of Mr. Tom Kemp
The Killing of Mr. Will Peeples

Look for more cases and information in the coming weeks!

Articles of Interest From the Jasper News

I have posted a link that provides articles of interest from the Jasper News. Currently only articles from 1931 are available; however, others will be available as I transcribe them. These articles provide a glimpse of life and people who lived within the specified time period. Hopefully everyone will enjoy seeing a bit of the past in real people’s lives.

The articles in this first batch concern the first baby of the year, the opening of the “road to Georgia,” the building of the Suwannee bridge, Fiddlin’ John Carson, the accreditation of the elementary school, a water exhibition, an air circus, a major hail storm, Tybee Island Beach, mysterious explosions, and the Alapaha Sink.

Updated Obituaries for 1931

I have updated the page for the 1931 obituaries, adding these people to the list.

Mrs. Kate Frink-Irvin
Mr. Tom Kemp
Mr. Will Peeples
Mr. Earle Greene
Mr. George M. Grace
Mrs. Mary Alice McCulley
Mr. Harley Milton
Mr. George O. Adicks
Mrs. W. F. Barwick
Mr. Cicero C. Crews
Mr. George E. Clay

They are posted in the section of the 1931 page, in the month which they died.

Update on Site Technicalities

This post is just to let everyone know that I have slightly changed the layout of the site. It is now necessary to click on the main topic that you are interested in on the right hand side of the page. Once there, you are able to click for the subpages of that topic. The reason I have decided to do this is because there are a lot of subpages to some of the categories, and that could cause the list that was showing up to become very long. It also helps keep a cleaner site.

As always, I will be adding additional information in the coming days and weeks. I also look forward to hearing comments and advice on the site. Please email me at mapetty at gmail dot com with any suggestions or requests.

Civil War Soldier Information

I have posted information for the following soldiers on the Civil War pages. Each soldier is shown on the page that corresponds to his last name.

Elisha Hall – Soldiers A thru H
William L. Morgan – Soldiers I thru P
John Quincy Stewart – Soldiers Q thru Z

As I gain additional information, I will post it accordingly.

Also, when I post information about a soldier, I will put an asterisk (*) next to his name on the main Civil War page, so that one can tell at a glance if additional information is available.

Civil War in Hamilton County

I have created a page pertaining to the Civil War in Hamilton County. The parent page contains a list of those names that I have found that served in the Civil War that had some relation to Hamilton County – they could have been born here, enlisted here, married here, or died here. As I gain information on each soldier, I will post it on a sub page, according to the soldier’s last name.

If anyone has any information pertaining to the Civil War that they would like to see posted, I will gladly transcribe it. Simply email me at mapetty at gmail dot com.

Obituaries – 1931

I have posted a number of obituaries and death notices from 1931, through the link on the side of the page “Obituaries.” I obtained these by going through the archived issues of the Jasper News and typing them up. I have also posted an index for the year 1931. If you know that a person or relative died in 1931, you can look at the index to determine what month he or she passed away, and then go to the page for the 1931 obituaries, and find the correct one.

If anyone has any information pertaining to deaths occurring in 1931, I would be glad to enter it on the site as an addition.

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