The Jasper News – June 12, 1953

Jasper News – June 12, 1953

Local Boy Wins State Forestry Award

The above picture shows Gerald Dedge who, according to announcement received as we go to press, has been selected as first place winner this year in the co-opearive Future Farmers of America Forestry program for Florida. Announcement was made by Harry E. Wood, State Supervisor of vocational Agriculture. Gerald will be presented a certificate of merit and other awards at the State Convention of FFA at Daytona Beach June 18. (Further details next week.)

100 Years Hence

In another column we are printing an article by Roger W. Babson, the great economist, about the world’s largest revolving globe which was dedicated on Memorial Day to the newspapers of the free world.

We naturally concur in all that Mr. Babson says about the important of the newspapers of the free world. It will interest our readers to know that we have sent a copy of the NEWS of May 29th, last containing the information about the organization of the Jasper Community Development Association, to be deposited in the concrete vault under the cornerstone, to be opened up one hundred years hence. We consider this issue the most important recent issues of this newspaper.

We are sorry that all of our readers cannot be present when that vault is opened 100 years from now. we express the hope that the present free world will still be free; also the hope that freedom will have spread over the entire globe; that wars and rumors of wars will have perished from the face of the earth; that the United States will still be the land of the free and the home of the brave; that Florida will still be the garden spot of the world; and that Jasper will be a thriving and happy metropolis.

Kiwanis Prizes For Future Farmers

The Jasper Kiwanis Club will award second prizes to three boys participating in the FFA corn project contest. FFA members of the Japer, White Springs and Jennings Chapter are eligible for this ten dollar second prize. The second prizes will be awarded to a Future Farmer in each Chapter who the judges decide has the second highest yield of corn per acre.

The Kiwanis second prizes are made to supplement first prizes offered with a view of increasing interest and widening the possibilities for more FFA boys to obtain awards for their efforts.

More details of the contest can be got from the FFA Chapter Sponsors, Messrs. McMillan, DeVane and Smith.

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