Tax Notices – May 25, 1917 – Part 2

I’ve posted a new batch of tax notices, part of the same listing as Part 1. The tax notices are time consuming and tedious to transcribe, so I’ve decided to break them up into sections.

For this set, the following names are referenced: Johns, McGhin, Williams, Hinton, Pennington, Heirs, Goolsby, Hinton, Lang, Strickland, Hale, Jackson, Law, Roebuck, Cribbs, Willis, Braswell and Taylor.

Examine these tax notices here: Tax Notices – May 25, 1917 – Part 2.


Articles from the Interior Pages of The Jasper News for May 25, 1917

Published today are the articles in the remaining pages of The Jasper News for May 25, 1917.

Included names are: Frank Clark (congressman), Joseph Y. Porter, J. E. Taylor, James M. Cathcart, Hayes H. Lewis, M. L. Lee, J. H. Kendrick, L. M. Greene, W. M. Weeb (W. M. Webb), B. B. Johnson, J. A. Jackson, Frank Green, J. F. Caldwell, O. W. Baily, Wolf Lipsitz, Geo. L. Branning, Julia Bell DeGraffenried, Julia Tuten, Pearl Caldwell, Jno. M. Caldwell, J. M. Thomas, J. H. Hones, Bro. Hiram, J. M. Guilliams, Bert Smith, A. Geiger and Stafford Caldwell.

List of articles included:
Jasper News – May 25, 1917 – Interior Pages
Frank Clark’s Tariff on Egyptian Cotton.
The People, Not The Newspaper, Lose.
The Sabbath.
No title – Porter, Taylor
No title – Cathcart, Fletcher, Lewis
No title – Failure
Arrival and Departure of Trains.
Local Matters
For Your Child’s Cough.
No title – Cigars, hair tonic and booze
No title – Guilliams
Don’t Let Your Cough Hang On.
Card of Thanks.
Strayed or Drove From The Genoa Section.
No title – Perfect Love
Duty on Egyption Cotton.
More Progress.
No title – Teachers
No title – Winter Haven cannery
No Title – Caldwell