Historical Inventory of Hamilton County, FL

Advertisements from May 25, 1917
November 26, 2010, 5:37 pm
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These advertisements are found on the front page of The Jasper News for May 25, 1917.

Several of the ads pertained to Hamilton County businessmen:
E. V. Moore, F. C. Caldwell, I. J. McCall, B. B. Johnson, C. A. Stephens, Russell L. Frink, Dr. W. M. O’Cain, Dr. M. W. Knowles, R. L. Watson and C. R. Horne.

Jasper News – May 25, 1917
Advertisement – A Beautiful Present for You From The Jasper News
Advertisement – Fertilizer Combination Brand
Advertisement – The Bank of Jasper
Advertisement – Laboratories, Cleveland, Oh.
Advertisement – E. V. Moore
Advertisement – F. C. Caldwell
Advertisement – Colonial Flour
Advertisement – The Reliable Professional Directory of the City of Jasper, Florida.


March 17, 1944: Jasper News
November 23, 2010, 12:12 am
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Quite a few articles from the Jasper News for this date, March 17, 1944. Of course, not all, but just a smidgen of bits and pieces, plenty to keep you wondering what’s going on.

Hamilton County related names are: Reid, Bradshaw, Carter, McCall, Vickers, Black, Slaughter, DuBose, Johnson, Bland, Harrison, Dunkle, Griff, Overstreet, Bamberg, Peeples, Register, Camp Blanding, Chandler, Camp Wheeler, Nix, Caldwell, and Simmons.

As always, enjoy, and let me know if there’s something you would like to see!

Index of Articles:

Democrats Meet Saturday April 11
Auxillary Police Being Organized
New Postal Rates Effective March 26
Modification of Mail For Army Personnel Overseas
Harry T Reid Says “Thanks”
(No title) – McCall
(No title) – Vickers, Black
Leonnard Slaughter
Square Dances
March Rally of WMS
Red Cross Drive Meets Halfway Mark
Johnson Circle
(No Title) – Bamberg
Corp R L Peeples
Charles Register, Jr of White Springs,, Killed in Action
(No Title) – McCall
(No Title) – Camp Blanding
(No Title) – Chandler
(No Title) – Nix
(No Title) – Caldwell, Simmons

News from June 11, 1943
November 22, 2010, 12:06 am
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Some interesting news from June 11, 1943. Several names appear, including Reid, Vickers, Bryan, Register, Buckels, Short, Collier, Casey, Bradley, Brown, Wilkes, Biddle, Sandlin, Rogers, Crouch, Nix, Adams, Tuten, Williams, Ratliff, Malpas, Perkins, Vann, Bedenbaugh, McCain, Hughes, Halstead, Adicks, Boone, Crawford and Harvey.

Index of Articles

Harry T Reid Returns Home
J O Burch Accepts Job Of Chief Observer
Coastline News Braggs About Canning Units
(No title) – Bryan, Lennard, Buckels
Recent Marriage of Wide Local Interest – Collier & Casey
Mrs Art Bradley Entertains at Suwannee Springs
Mrs E C Crouch Entertains Bridge Club
Memorial For Williams Held
(No title) – Malpas, Perkins, Vann
(No title) – Bedenbaugh, McCain
Military Burial Held Wednesday for C B Hughes
Marvin Boone to Manage “Eagle”
Ground Broken For New Telephone Exchange
(No title) – Harvey, Freeman

1957 Florida State High School Basketball Tournament

I have posted the program from the 1957 Florida State High School Basketball Tournament. Jennings went to state and played against Oviedo in the finals. Unfortunately, they lost that last game 40 – 52.

This program can be found here: 1957 Florida State High School Basketball Tournament.

Each of the pages are saved as individual .pdf files, so you will need Adobe Acrobat to view them. If, for some reason, you are still unable to view the files, please email me at mapetty@gmail.com, and I will send you the appropiate page.

The names that are relevant to Hamilton County are: Edward Burnam, Marshall Thomas, Lamar Dees, Bradford Wells, Joe Hart, Lamar Hill, Louis Cunningham, Philip Smith, Rodney Bennett, and Charles Spears.

Delayed Birth Certificate – Lillie Mae Royals

I have posted the delayed birth certificate of Lillie Mae Royals, dated 1961. It can be found on this page: https://hamiltoncountyflorida.wordpress.com/cases-from-the-court-house-archives/delayed-birth-certificate-lillie-mae-royals/

School Census, 1854
September 3, 2007, 11:23 pm
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I have posted a School Census from 1854 that I found in the Court House Archives. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it covers all of Hamilton County or just a portion; also, the names are kind of confusing, so it may not be of any use to anyone after all. But just in case, it’s here: School Census, 1854.

Various & Sundry Warrants, Etc., 1935-1936

I have posted a set of warrants that I found in the old court house archives. All of them were in the same envelope, so I posted them on the same page, but I have listed below the case names.

State of Florida vs. A. West Castleberry. Assault & Batery.
State of Florida vs. O.B. Fowler. Exhibiting Deadly Weapon In a Careless & Angry Manner.
State of Florida vs. Julian Fowler. Indecent & Vulgar Language.
State of Florida vs. Herman Lindsey. Indecent & Vulgar Language.
State of Florida vs. Fossie Payne. Murder.

Please note that they have all been transcribed exactly as they were originally written, meaning that all errors have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the original.