Historical Inventory of Hamilton County, FL

1931 Obituary Index

January 1931
1) Mr. J. H. Stevens
2) Mrs. Mollie Langford Edwards, nee Langford
3) Mr. J. H. Elston

February 1931
1) Miss Gladys Cooper
2) Mrs. T. J. Rhodes, nee Mamie Smith
3) Mrs. Margaret Lane
4) Mr. W. H. Corbett (brother of J.B. Corbett, Sept 25, 1931)
5) Mr. Eugene Thomas Redding
6) Mrs. R. A. Knowles, nee Olive Elizabeth Sandlin
7) Mrs. Sara Ann Williams (colored)
8) Mr. John Stewart (colored)
9) Mr. Tom Kemp
10) Mr. Will Peeples
11) Mr. Cicero C. Crews

March 1931
1) Mrs. Nottie Roberson (colored)
2) Mrs. Mary Cribbs, nee Bellflower (?)
3) Mrs. W. L. Clardy, nee Morgan
4) Mr. Joseph Nunn
5) Mr. W. S. Ford
6) Mr. George E. Clay

April 1931
1) Mrs. James Dees
2) Mr. W. M. Green
3) Mr. N. C. Law
4) Mr. O. B. Smith
5) Mr. David Sapp
6) Mr. Earle Greene
7) Mr. George M. Grace
8) Mr. Harley Milton

May 1931
1) Mrs. Daisy Johnson (colored)
2) Mr. Thomas D. Morgan

June 1931
1) Mrs. Hugh Lane, nee Lollie Hightower
2) Mrs. William Britton Knight
3) Mrs. Mary M. Crews

July 1931
1) Mrs. Guilford Stalvey
2) Mrs. Mary Wester
3) Mr. R. T. O’Quinn
4) Mrs. Caroline Porter
5) Mr. Seth Tidwell
6) Mr. J. W. S. Howell
7) Mrs. Mary Alice McCulley

August 1931
1) Mr. Walter Bernice Sears
2) Mr. James Wilson Beaty
3) Mrs. Robert Marion LaFollette

September 1931
1) Mr. E. M. Kinsey
2) Mrs. Ben Sirmans, nee Fannie Gill
3) Mr. J. B. Corbett
4) Mrs. Kate Frink-Irvin

October 1931
1) Mr. Ivy Ashley
2) Mrs. Mary Ann Foster-Gill
3) Miss Cozette Norris
4) Mrs. S. J. Knight
5) Mrs. Lizzie Eutsey (colored)
6) Mr. Marshall Brantley
7) Mr. George O. Adicks

November 1931
1) Mrs. Lovick P. DuPont, nee Hateley
2) Mr. W. J. Maloy
3) Mrs. W. F. Barwick

December 1931
1) Mr. John H. Webb
2) Mr. W. M. Dyess
3) Mrs. W. F. Staten, nee Ella Goodbread
4) Mrs. Sallie Bembry


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