Historical Inventory of Hamilton County, FL

1932 Obituary Index

1932 Obituary Index

January 1932
1) Miss Mamie Alderman
2) Mr. Arzero A. Peeples
3) Mr. R.N. Sessions
4) Ray Burnham, Jr. (infant)
5) Mr. Leeton Morgan

February 1932
1) Mr. Daniel Harrell
2) Mrs. N.H. Connell, nee Duncan
3) Mr. John Alvin Stephens, Sr.
4) Mr. L.C. Mansfield
5) Miss Mary Frances Duke
6) Mr. George H. Wynn
7) Robert McAlpin Jordan (infant)
8) Mr. Willie Rodgers

March 1932
1) Ms. Chaney Dancer (colored)
2) Mr. Ike W. Gibbons (colored)
3) Mrs. Annie Mizell (colored)
4) Dr. N.B. Shade
5) Mr. Barney Cheshire
6) Mr. John S. Frink
7) Mrs. J.T. Hammock
8) Mrs. Emily Branch Cone Pound

April 1932
1) Edward Wallace (infant)
2) Mr. Israel James McCall
3) Mr. G.W. Smith
4) Mr. Paul Baysdorfer
5) Mr. Brown Stewart (colored)

May 1932
1) Mr. L.H. Herndon
2) Miss Annie B. Montgomery
3) Mr. W.W. McGhin
4) Mr. Andrew A. Avriett
5) Teddy Jack Clayton (infant)
6) Mrs. Mary Catherine Jennings, nee Nunn

June 1932
1) Mr. Ira Fowler (This is a typo – it should be Ivie Fowler)
2) Mrs. A. B. Small

July 1932
1) Mrs. J.C. Bell, nee Tuten

August 1932
1) Mr. W.H. Stormant
2) Mr. Alonzo L. Dees

September 1932
1) Mrs. Lilly Rouse, nee Morgan

October 1932
1) Mr. Dock Gamble
2) Mr. Wayne Johnson

November 1932
1) Mrs. B.F. Woodward, nee Jennings
2) Mr. Jesse I. Thomas

December 1932
1) Mrs. Mary Fennell
2) Mr. J.L. Payne
3) Dr. Appelas S. York
4) Rev. J.L. Hunter’s FATHER
5) Mrs. Jennie Musselwhite
6) Mr. John Padgett
7) Mrs. Lillie N. Johns, nee Hunter
8) Mr. J.M Roebuck
9) Miss Estell McIntyre
10) Mr. Carl S. Carlton
11) Hon. Warren M. Webb
12) Mrs. Ella Petty, nee McDonald


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