Obituaries for Hamilton County

Since the Jasper News technically covers all of Hamilton County, this section will contain obituaries that were published in the newspaper. I will create a page for each year, and the individual obituaries will be listed in chronological order for the year.

Please note that the obituaries are transcribed exactly as they were printed in the Jasper News, any errors included. Some of the obituaries were originally printed in a different newspaper, and were subsequently reprinted in the Jasper News.

It is important to realize that obituaries have the potential to provide a wealth of information about a person and his or her family. An obituary could give clues as to a woman’s maiden name, a person’s date of birth, place of birth, date of marriage, what migrations the family made, what census to look on, a person’s occupation, as well as siblings and parents. Additionally, some obituaries give an approximate area of where the person lived in the county.

On the other hand, some obituaries provide very few clues as to a person’s existence – but this risk is one that all good researchers must take. It is up to the researcher to decide if the search through obituaries is worth it or not.

The further back in history one goes, the less likely it is that the newspaper had an actual reporter. As a result, the information that is contained in an obituary is likely from a family member of the deceased, or obtained by the editor himself. This could lead to gaps in information about a deceased person, simply because no one submitted the information and the editor did not know the person or the family.

When looking at the obituaries or articles, keep an eye out for clues as to where else you could search for information pertaining to your ancestor. For instance, if a date of marriage is given, you could check the marriage records. Witnesses to marriages were often family members. If a relationship to a church is mentioned, you chould ask the church if they have any records from that time period that may pertain to your ancestor. Maiden names provide another link back in history as to the woman’s family.

Now, on with your search for your ancestor’s obituary!

1931 Index of Obituaries

1931 Obituaries

1932 Index of Obituaries

1932 Obituaries

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    1. Brandy, I don’t have them typed. I’m not even sure if I have copies of them right now. I’ve taken a full time job and there isn’t as much time for all this research! Thanks for browsing :)

  1. Do you know anything about the Jasper Coca Cola Bottling Company. The Jasper Bottling Works was around by the turn of the century but it did not become a Coca Cola bottler until 1913. They closed by 1937

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