Jasper News – May 25, 1917, Page 1

A Leader Among the Nations Daily Newspapers And Dixie’s Favorite

Everyone should want to keep himself posted and abreast of the times right up to the minute, during the period of the great war, and now that Uncle Sam has thrown himself in the thick of the fight you will, more than ever, want the news while it is NEWS, above all, you want RELIABLE NEWS.

The Savannah Morning News reaches Jasper seven hours ahead of any other morning newspaper. Read the Savannah News and in seven to ten hours later, you read the same news in the other morning publications.

Your judgment tells you to get the best.

The Savannah Morning News, Daily and Sunday, my mail to any address in the United States.

Three months $1.95.
Six months $3.95.
Twelve months $7.80.

Leave your subscription for the Savannah Morning News, with the Jasper News, Jasper, Fla., and it will have prompt and careful attention.

Big Cattle Deal.

Thursday of last week one of the largest cattle deals ever made in Hamilton county was consumated when W. M. Webb of this county, and Lee Bird of Suwannee county, purchased 137 head of cattle belonging to the estate of the late A. W. Miller. The price paid was $25.50 per head, a total of $3,493.50 for the herd.

Hamilton county is one of the finest stock raising sections in the state and these gentlemen have made a wise investment.

Clear Away the Waste.

Bowel regularity is the secret of good health, bright eyes, clear complexions, and Dr. King’s New Life Pillsare mild and gentle laxative that regulates the bowels and relieves the congested intestines by removing the accumulated waste without griping. Take a pill before retiring and that heavy head, that dull spring fever feeling disappears.

Get Dr. King’s New Life Pills at your druggist 25c.

No title – McGhin, Morgan, Jackson

Miss Kate McGhin and Mr. Roy Morgan were married last Sunday, notary public J. A. Jackson performing the ceremony. The couple in company with other went out for an automobile ride and when they reached Bell’s creek were met by the notary public and were married. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. McGhin and has a large circle of friends. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Morgan of the Ninth district and is a prosperous young farmer. We extend congratulations.

No title – Brennan, Hunter

Miss Stella Brennan of Lukins, is the charming guest of Miss Myrtice Hunter this week.

No title – Smith

Miss Esther Smith and brother, Wallace of Clayton, Ga., are visiting friends in Jasper this week.

No title – Smith

On the 17th of this month the death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Smith and took from them their darling son Benton, aged 5 months and 12 days. He suffered for several days; all was done that kind hands could do but the dear Lord saw best to take him out of this world of trouble to one of rest and we bow our heads and pass under the rod and will try to be submissive to God’s will and will try to meet him in the bright home beyond. His Grandmother.

No title – DeGraffenried, Tuten, Bryan

Miss Kathleen DeGraffenried was married to Mr. W. T. Strickland of Waycross. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride’s grand-mother, Mrs. Julia Tuten, W. L. Bryan officiating. They left on the evening G. S. & F., train for Jacksonville and other points in this state. We extend congratulations.

Latest improvements.

“I’ll bet you do some cranky thing to make your wife begin the tirades you complain of.”

“Nothing in the cranky way doing. She’s a self starter.”

Baltimore American.

High School Students of the Nation Should Receive Military Training
By Adjutant General FRED T. WOOD, Minnesota National Guard

I am for universal military training in our public schools – in our high schools. I would teach every blessed boy in every states who attends high schools how to handles a rifle, how to take care of himself – in brief, how to be a soldier. Pope said, “Teach the young idea how to shoot.” He spoke more wisely perhaps than he knew.


I have in Minnesota seven or eight corps of high school boys who are receiving military instruction, They have their regular drills, instruction in marksmanship, camp life and everything else a soldier must know. I have any number of boys ten years old who can handle a rifle better than I can.

This is the kind of universal military training that I favor – call it compulsory service, if you like. WHETHER THE COUNTRY IS PREPARED FOR THE OTHER KIND OF UNIVERSAL SERVICE I DO NOT KNOW.

Legal Advertisements.


Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, an executor of the last will and testament of Virginia P. Polhill, late of said county, deceased will apply to the Hon. B. B. Johnson, County Judge in and for Hamilton County, Florida, for letters of dismission on the 10th day of August A. D. 1917.

This February 8, A. D. 1917.
J. C. Bracewell, Executor.

No title – Tact

Tact is what enables a woman to boss her husband without letting him know it.

The Origin of Carrier Pigeons.

The origin of the use of the carrier pigeon is lost in obscurity, but the first people of whom we have any record of employing it are the Greeks. By them it was used with great success, and the knowledge they had acquired they imparted to the Romans, who first used it as a message bearer about 120 years before the Christian era. About 500 years ago pigeons formed part of a telegraphic system adopted by the Turks, who erected high towers thirty or forty miles apart. They were provided with pigeons, and sentinels stood constantly ready to secure the messages as the birds arrived. – London Standard

Prompt Decisions.

Learn to act promptly. In the affairs of this life a prompt decision is often more important than a right decision. One man makes up his mind and acts, it may be wrongly, but if so he finds out his mistake, correct and retrieves it before another man has acted at all. It is possible to waste a great amount of time by thinking and still more by talking over actions. Learn to act promptly.

Muscle Soreness Relieved.

Unusual work, bending and liftin or strenuous exercese on the muscles, they become sore and stiff, you are crippled and in pain. Sloan’s Liniment brings you quick relief, easy to apply, it penetrates without rubbing and drives out the soreness. A clear liquid, cleaner than mussy plasters or ointments, it does not stain the skin or clog the pores Always have a bottle handy for pains aches of rheumatism, gout, lumbago, grippe, bruises, stiffness, backache and all external pain. At your druggist, 25.

Government and Business Must Co-Operate In Upbuilding of American Industry
By EDWARD N. HURLEY, Formerly Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission

Our business men and our government have been losing valuable time during the past twenty years in trying to settle our economic and business problems, not by co-operation, not by any scientific method which will bring about results beneficial to our people as a whole, but by resorting to the courts.

I know business has been sick, and business has been in a large measure to blame for its illness, but instead of sending for a doctor who could prescribe a remedy that would give practical and permanent relief the GOVERNMENT SENT FOR LAWYERS, AND YOU KNOW THE RESULT. It is estimated that 90 per cent of our manufacturers do not know their true costs.

I predict that within five years there will be very little money loaned by any banker in the United States to any merchant or manufacturer who does not present a statement showing detailed information not only regarding his true assets and liabilities, but also indicating that he is conducting his business in an efficient manner and that he absolutely knows his true costs.

It is my feeling that if the government should not encourage trade associations and the reconstruction and upbuilding of American business very little progress will be made in our country’s development. Men at the head of factories need the point of view of what might be called the statesmanship of business.


It is a well known fact that competition in foreign markets is national, and if we are to be effective competitors in foreign countries our business men must unite their forces and move forward as a unit.

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