Jasper News Advertisements Part 2 – May 25, 1917

Jasper News – May 25, 1917 – Advertisements, Part 2

Advertisement – M. Myers

If you want clothes merely to cover you, then “any old kind” will do and you’ll find them at most any old place.

If on the other hand, you want clothes that will cover you with distinction, clothes that are had tailored and designed by master minds, then you want OUR kind.

They are advisedly called the best-of-clothes-ready to wear. You won’t dispute this if you take the trouble to compare them with all other kinds.

Prices are reassnable, beginning at $4.98 and climbing by easy steps up to $20.00 per suit.

M. Myers, the Leader
Men and Ladies Wear
Sells It For Less.

Advertisement – Mill Flourist

Flowers for all occasions.
The Flourist Inc.
Jacksonville Fla.
We want an agent in your town.

Advertisement – Peninsular Metal Co.

We pay cash
For old rubber, copper, tires, brass, tubes, lead, rope, scrap iron, rags, bones
Send it to us, We remit promptly
Write for Pricelist
Peninsular Metal Co.
657 E. Bay
Jacksonville, Fla.

Advertisement – Edgar Eyes

Edgar Eyes
Optician Tested
Jacksonville, Fla.
Broken Lenses Duplicated
Same Day as Received
We Specialize on Mail Orders – We Pay Postage
140 W. Forsyth St.

Advertisement – Antonios Zembillas

I have at all times
Fresh Boiled Ham
One Pound Packages of
Fruits and Candies
Always Fresh, Nice & Clean
Breakfast Bacon
Light Bread delivered to any part of the city.
Antonios Zembillas
Phone 11
Jasper, Fla

Advertisement – Thos. S. Adams

Thos. S. Adams,
Physician & Surgeon
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat work Speialties
Commercial Bank Bld’g, Jasper, Fla.

Advertisement – Stafford Caldwell

Stafford Caldwell
Attorney at Law,
Live Oak, Fla.
Will practice in all State and Federal Courts.
Office up-stairs in Postoffice building, Live Oak, Fla.

Advertisement – K. C. Lee

K. C. Lee
Repairs boots and shoes as well as you can get it done any where on earth. Rubber Heels a specialty. All work Guaranteed. First door north of Post Office. Jasper, Fla

Advertisement – Hotel Burbridge

The Hotel For Florida People
Hotel Burbridge
Fire Proof
$1.50 Per Day
Jacksonville, Florida
Every Room With Private Bath.

Advertisement – united newspaper

This is one of 5,000 united newspapers. These 5,000 newspapers published in all of the forty-eight states of the Union are read by millions of Americans.

The intention of the editors of the 5000 associated newspapers of which this is one is to protect each individual editor and group of readers and to work for the welfare of the constituences of all the other 5000 editors.

The only great force is that of united action. This newspaper in its field stands as the representative of united editorial action and consequently of public opinion.

Advertisement – Barney Cheshire

“Purposely Made for Every Purpose”

No matter what your paint or varnish requirements may be, – either for outside or inside, on any kind of surface, you will find an article under the Lucas label particularly fitted for that need.

Lucas Paints
Purposely Made For Every Purpose

The name Lucas on a can of paint or varnish means that you can absolutely rely on it giving results claimed for it, if directions for tis application are carefully followed.

Invest a few dollars in Lucas Paints and Varnishes and it will surprise you what a transformation you can work in and around your home.

Give us the opportunity of making some practical suggestions for your consideration, as well as giving you complete painting advice. It will put you under no obligation.

Barney Cheshire
The Hardware Man
Jasper, Fla

Advertisement – By A Jasper Dollar

By A Jasper Dollar

I AM A DOLLAR. A little ageworn, but still in circulation. I am proud of myself for being in circulation. I am no tomato can dollar – not I. This town is only my adopted home, but I like it and hope to remain permanently. When I came out of the mint I was adopted into a town like this in another state. But, after a time, I was sent off to a big city, many miles away. I turned up in a MAIL-ORDER HOUSE. For several years I stayed in that city. Millionaires bought cigars with me. I didn’t like that, for I believe in the plain people. Finally, a traveling man brought me to this town and left me here. I was so glad to get back to a smaller town that I determined to make a desperate effort to stay.

One day a citizen of this town was about to send me back to that big city. I caught him looking over a mail order catalogue. Suddenly I found my voice and said to him – he was a dentist, by the way:

“Look here, if you’ll let me stay in this town I’ll circulate around and do you lots of good. You buy a big beefsteak with me, and the butcher will buy groceries, and grocer will buy hardware, and the hardware man will pay his doctor’s bill with me, and the doctor will spend me with a farmer for oats to feed his horse with, and the farmer will buy some fresh meat from the butcher, and the butcher will come around to you and get his teeth mended. In the long run, as you see, I’ll be more useful to you here at home than if you’d send me away forever.”

Doc said it was a mighty stiff argument. He hadn’t looked at it in that light before, so he went and bought the big beefsteak, and I began to circulate around home again. Now, just suppose all the other dollars that are sent to CHICAGO or some other big city were kept circulating right here at home you could see this town grow,

Honest, now, ain’t it right.

The Bank of Jasper.
Max Itzkovitz, Haberdasher.
Omar P. Hewitt, Groceries.
The Hamilton Trading Co.
The Pennington Store, Groceries.
The Hamilton Pharmacy, Drugs.
G. H. Wynn & Co., Groceries.
Cody Wilson, Hardware Dealer.
Chero-Cola Bottling Co.
McGhin Bros., Garage, Gas & Oil.
Jasper Furniture Co., Furniture.
Braxton Small, Insurance.

Advertisement – Selective Conscription Law

No Exemptions
All Within Age Must Register.

Young man, get this! It’s for you

If you are 21 years old and not yet 31 years old you MUST register under the selective conscription law on JUNE 5 or before.

That goes for every one of you. It dosen’t matter if you are crippled, consumptive, burdened with eleven children or running a farm. They’ll weed that kind out later. But every man of those ages must be registered before the sun sets on JUNE 5 or tell it to the Federal judge later. The Government will do the weeding out.

Advertisement – Wolf Lipsitz

Spring Time Apparel Suggestions

If you are looking for helpful ideas of what to wear during the coming season and how to wear it, we urge you to come to this store and profit by the remarkable displays we have arranged for you. New arrivals daily and within the reach of your purse

Spring Styles in Dresses
Tailored Suits
Ready Trimmed Millinery
Misses Frocks
Dainty Blouses
Dress Goods

And all the rest that goes to make up the wardrobe of the well dressed, is here for you selection.

Wolf Lipsitz
Jennings, Fla

Advertisement – H. V. Lane

Are you prepared against bug invasion?

Bugs are pesky critters that come uninvited – and never know when to leave. But they leave pretty quickly when you’re prepared with one of our New Bug Killing Sprays.

It’s the handiest kind of a thing about the house, barn, chicken-house, garden – and everywhere bugs live.

Safety First – get one!

Sportsmen’s Headquarters

When ready to buy Arms and Ammunition – remember we carry the well Remington UMC line. Always fresh stocks.

H. V. Lane
Jennings, Fla.

Advertisement – The Peruna Company

Pe-ru-na Tablets
For grip, coughs, cold, catarrhal diseases and where a tonic is required
Manufactured by THE PERUNA COMPANY Columbus, Ohio
Price 50 Cts, (6 boxes for $2.50)

The tablet form of this old reliable remedy makes it possible for you to check any illness at the very onset. It is a safe-guard against coughs, colds and other catarrhal conditions, no matter what symptoms are manifest. Catarrh is an inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the breathing apparatus and the digestive apparatus. PERUNA relieves catarrh. In tablet form it is EVER-READY-TO-TAKE

Its prompt action makes it invaluable for men and women exposed to sudden changes in the weather or compelled to be out in the slush and rain.

It will also be found most satisfactory as a tonic following an attack of illness.

CARRY A BOX wherever you go. Travelers and others compelled to take long drives in the cold and anyone whose occupation subjects him to the danger of sudden colds may use it as a preventive with the assurance that the tablets made are from the same formulary as the liquid medicine with its 44 years of success before the American Public.

The Peruna Company, Columbus, Ohio

Advertisement – P. F. McCall & Son.

We have at all times Irish patatoes, Cabbage, Canadian Turnips, and Beets. The best lemons and limes on the market.

Cold Drinks
Welch’s Grape Juice
Milk Shake
Chocolate milk

In fact everything in the Soft Drink line.

The best syrups used and everything sanitary.

Ice Cream Daily

Complete stock of School Books. The best in all groceries.

Fresh Candies Always in Stock.

P. F. McCall & Son.
Jasper, Fla.

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