Jasper Intermediate Airfield

This page is a reproduction of a page that I came across while doing research on Hamilton County. I personally never realized that there was an airfield in Jasper, so I was rather surprised. But upon reading all of the information available, I can assure myself and others that Mr. Paul Freeman is indeed speaking of Hamilton County, Florida. When I talk to those who live in the county, I hope to find out more information about the airfield, and I will post it as I gain additional information.

Jasper Intermediate Field, NO-JX Airway, Jasper, FL

30.48 North / 82.93 West (West of Jacksonville, FL)


Jasper Landing Field, as depicted on the November 1936 “Official Airway Map of FL” (courtesy of Chris Kennedy).

Jasper Intermediate Field (or Site 43) was one of the Department of Commerce’s network of Intermediate Fields, which were established in the 1930s for the emergency use of commercial aircraft flying along Airways between major cities.

Site 43 was an Intermediate Field along the New Orleans – Jacksonville Airway.

Jasper Intermediate Field was evidently established at some point between 1934-36, as it was not yet listed among active airfields in the Department of Commerce’s 1934 Airport Directory (according to Chris Kennedy).

The earliest depiction of the field which has been located was on the November 1936 “Official Airway Map of FL” (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). It depicted the field as having two runways.

The Airport Directory Company’s 1937 Airports Directory (courtesy of Bob Rambo) described the Jasper Auxiliary Field as being located 2 miles south of Jasper, and having two sod runways: 1,800′ southeast/northwest & 1,600′ northwest/southeast.

The April 1944 US Army/Navy Directory of Airfields (courtesy of Ken Mercer) described Site 43 as an Intermediate Field along the New Orleans – Jacksonville Airway. It described the airfield as having a 3,600′ unpaved runway, and indicated that both Army & Navy flight operations were conducted from the field.

Site 43 was described in the same fashion in the December 1944 Army/Navy Airfield Directory (according to Brian Rehwinkel).

According to Brian Rehwinkel, “I have read this field was used by the Navy fields in Jacksonville as an OLF during the war [WW2] (although the directory does not refer to it as an OLF), so it is possible that it was not used a great deal after WW2.”


The February 1945 Jacksonville Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy) labeled the field as “Japser Landing Field, Site 43”.


The February 1947 aerial photo, from the FL DOT (courtesy of Brian Rehwinkel) depicted Site 43 as consisting of a grass field with two runways. There did not appear to be any hangars or other permanent buildings at the airfield. Note the two aircraft (type undetermined) on the field (just northeast of the runway intersection), and a third aircraft (south of the runway intersection).


A later aerial photo of Site 43 from March 1947 (from the FL DOT, courtesy of Brian Rehwinkel) did not happen to depict any aircraft at the field.


Jasper was still depicted as an active civilian airport on the February 1949 Jacksonville Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). The Site 43 Airway beacon was also still depicted as being operational.

The Jasper Landing Field was apparently abandoned at some point between 1949-54, as it was no longer depicted at all on the July 1954 Jacksonville Sectional Chart (according to Chris Kennedy).

As seen in the December 1998 USGS aerial photo, the outline of the former runways was still apparent in the outline of relatively newly-planted trees, which had been planted in neat rows in the area formerly occupied by the runways. This suggested that the area of the former runways may have remained cleared for some period of time.


A circa 2001-2005 aerial photo showed the outline of the former airfield area to still be quite recognizable.

The site of the Jasper airfield is located south of the intersection of Route 41 & Route 129, 3.5 miles Southeast of Jasper.

Please view the original of this website at http://www.airfields-freeman.com/FL/Airfields_FL_Jax_NW.htm#jasper, as Paul Freeman has a fairly large amount of information pertaining to airfields around the United States.

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