208 1st Avenue SW – Kirby L. Sandlin Home

Through my research so far, I have found that this home was also called the “Kirby L. Sandlin Home,” after one of the previous owners. As a result, I will call it the Kirby L. Sandlin Home from now on.

This is the home page for 208 1st Avenue/Kirby L. Sandlin Home, Jasper, Florida. Jasper is the county seat of Hamilton County. Although I will update this page with the new finds that I come across that pertain to the Kirby L. Sandlin Home, I will create a new page stemming from this one for each document that is transcribed. This will facilitate quicker loading times and better organization of facts.

The current owners of the Kirby L. Sandlin Home, as of July 2007, are Jeff and Becky McGuire. I will be speaking with Becky in the coming weeks pertaining to her time spent at this home. In the meantime, I will be researching the past owners and thier lives.

The Pearson’s – 2002

The George’s – 1997

The Hester’s – 1995

Sandlin Guardianship – 1988

Order Authorizing Conveyance – 1988

Sandlin’s – 1988


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