William L. Morgan

Private William L. Morgan, Company C, 2nd Florida Battalion

William L. Morgan was born January 27, 1832 in Appling County, Georgia. He was the son of Joseph L. Morgan and Mary Harris. This information was originally obtained from the Pioneers of Wiregrass series, and submitted to the Civil War Florida website.

Morgan then married Tabitha Register, daughter of Guilford Register and Pricilla Ann Devane on January 1, 1852, in Jasper, Florida. Tabitha was one of three children; she had two older sisters, Francis, born March 4, 1833, and Zilpha, born April 30, 1834. Tabitha herself was born July 16, 1835. All three children were born in Lowndes County, Georgia. Tabitha died at the home of her daughter in Brooks County, Georgia, on June 21, 1908 (Annie Register).

It appears that William and Tabitha had at least two children: son David D. Morgan on June 12, 1860 (Annie Register), and daughter Mary “Mollie” Morgan on November 30, 1873 (Fiveashs’).

William L. Morgan was described as six foot tall, with hazel eyes, dark hair, and fair skin, although no picture is available (Civil War Florida).

Prior to the Civil War, Morgan was a farmer, although it is unclear whether it was in Hamilton County or Echols County, Georgia. I believe it would be safe to presume it was in Echols County, as it is stated that in 1870, the Florida-Georgia line was rerun, placing the Morgans into Hamilton County. As a result of this statement, it is assumed that before the war, Morgan resided in Echols County, and following the war, he resided in Hamilton County. During the years 1859-1861, Morgan served as the Justice of the Peace in the 1058th District of Echols County (Civil War Florida).

On August 14, 1862, Morgan enlisted in the Confederate Army as a Private in Company C, 2nd Florida Battilion, in Lake City, Florida. After a short stint in the service, he was hospitalized at an unknown hospital in Lake City on January 31, 1863. The reason for hospitalization was not stated. Morgan was discharged from the service at the Confederate Camp Finegan in Duval County on April 6, 1863, due to a disability (Civil War Florida).

William L. Morgan died on July 17, 1889 at the age of 57 of congestion, in Brooks County, Georgia, and was buried at Hebron Primitive Baptist Cemetery in Jasper. The exact date of interment is not known; however, it is approximated as July 19, 1889. He is buried next to his wife and her parents (Civil War Florida, Annie Register, Pension Application).

Morgan’s wife, Tabitha, applied for his pension on October 21, 1901, in Hamilton County, as his widow. She states that he was enlisted in Captain Quincy Stewart’s Company and that he was honorably discharged. She gives his cause of death as congestion. As proof of her need for the pension amount, she states that she does not own property to the value of $800 in the State of Florida or any other state. It appears as though the application was filled out and signed by someone else, as near her signature is an “X” and the words “Her Mark.” Perhaps her health was poor, and she could no longer write legibly, or perhaps she had never learned how to read and write. Both J. S. Malone (?) and T. J. Bryan signed the pension application to attest to Morgan’s serivce and loyalty to the Confederate Army. In order to be approved for the pension, Tabitha must have been considered a person of “respectability and good reputation.” D. B. Johnson and G. W. Register both attested to her character. The pension application was approved on August 12, 1903, but was to be paid to Tabitha retroactively back to July 1, 1903, at a rate of $96.00 per annum (Pension Application).


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Speiser, Linda. Much of the information obtained from Civil War Florida was originally submitted by Linda Speiser, of Jacksonville, Florida.

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