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There were no actual battles in Hamilton County during the years of the Civil War, 1861-1865. The closest battle of any consequence was the Battle of Olustee, near Lake City. However, there were many men in the county that chose to fight in battles elsewhere, leaving their families at home to earn a meager living from the local farms. Crops were slim, as there was a shortage of male labor to help tend them. The County Commissioners bought and provided corn, salt, and other supplies to those needy families that could not fend for themselves (Hinton, p. 37).

Three companies were organized of men residing in Hamilton County: the 2nd, the 5th, and the 10th. Men from the county also joined other units of the Confederate Army, and then there were those who did not believe in the Confederate causes and consequently joined the Union Army. Some men willingly volunteered to serve in the Army; others were forced due to a law that was passed ordering all men aged 18 to 45 to serve. Although some men could pay another man to serve in his place, most of those from Hamilton County were unable to do so, and therefore, had to fight on their own stead (Hinton, p. 37).

Although the “Early History of Hamilton County, Florida” states that three companies were formed from the county, I have not found definitive lists for two of the companies. Once I can find that information, I will post it as well.

Company I – 2nd Florida Infantry
Jasper Blues or Hamilton Blues

Company I was mustered into Confederate Service on July 13, 1861, and arrived in Richmond, Virginia on July 21, 1861, where it became a part of the Army of Northern Virginia. [Source: “Soldiers of Florida in the Seminole Indian-Civil and Spanish-American Wars.” Prepared and published under the supervision of the Board of State Institutions, As authorized by Chapter 2203 Laws of Florida, approved May 14, 1903. Printed by Democrat Book and Job Print; Live Oak, Florida.] Obtained from:

Following is a list of officers and enlisted men of Company I – the Jasper Blues. However, not all of these men were necessarily from Hamilton County. As I find additional information on each of the soldiers, I will post it accordingly.


Stewart, Henry J. — Captain; Retired at reorganization May 10, 1882.
Duncan, Moses L. — Captain; 2nd Lieutenant, promoted to Captain, May 10, 1882; resigned October 29, 1863.
Stewart, John Q. — 1st Lieutenant; Retired at reorganization May 10, 1862.
Underwood, James M. — Promoted 1st Lieutenant.
De Loach, Henry — 2nd Lieutenant, killed at Culpepper Court House
Hall, John W. — Promoted 1st Lieutenant; wounded at Gettysburg July 3, 1863.

Enlisted Men

Allen, McPherson B.
Bancroft, Henry
Bellotte, Henry
Bellotte, John
Bellotte, William
Boyde, William I.
Bryant, Brown
Bryan, Fhet
Bryan, Reed Asa
Bryant, William A.
Byrd, William
Cason, Willie E.
Cheshire, John R.
Cheshire, Nathaniel
Cheshire, Thomas
Clemons, James
Coalson,. Ross L.
Cockfield, Solomon
Cross, Beniamin F.
Cross, Edward
Calbreath, Lewis
Daniel, S. W.
Day, James H.
Day, Thomas
De Loach, Zachariah
Demere, John F.
Demary, Hardy S.
Dormany, James A.
Dozier, Jame
Elliot, James M.
Farrell, Thos.
Findley, James
Fletcher, Joshua E.
Gerry, Chas. E. W.
Grant, John
Green, Riley
Groonstine, Henry C.
Hall, Francis M.
Hall, James A.
Hall, Scott N.
Harris, Elias L.
Higden, William H.
Holmes, Henry A.
Jackson, Henry D.
Jackson, William G.
Johns, A. J.
Kelly, H. G. W.
Kent, Jackson
Kindrick, John
King, Ziba
Langford, George
McCormick, James
Mcinnis, Edward
McInnis, John
McLeod, William H. H.
McNesee, William T. M.
Matthis, Bungan
Matthis, Charlten
Matthis, Kelton
Matthis, William
Mitchell, Samuel A.
Morrow, Daniel
Nelson, Jesse
Nelson, John
Nobles, John A.
Overstreet, John C.
Overstreet, S. T.
Overstreet, Thomas L.
Overstreet, William R.
Parr, John
Perry, John R.
Perry, Owen F.
Purviance, John S.
Penningten, Jesse
Penningten, Walter P.
Powell, Lewis P.
Rouse, Ira S.
Shirley, Calvin
Shiver, George
Shiver, Isaac
Sills, James
Slade, William
Starling, Thomas C.
Stewart, David M.
Stringbeard, William
Sutton, W. R.
Taylor, James W.
Thomas, Caswell
Thombley, Edward
Tootle, William W.
Walden, Lemuel
Walker, Berry
Walker, Nathan B.
Watson, Thomas J.
Watson, William C.
Williams, Washington
Willis, Jesse
Willis, William
Worre, Pleasant
Woodle, Ansel
Wondward, M. F. F.

These are the names of those that are listed as “Civil War Veterans” in the “Early History of Hamilton County, Florida” (Hinton, p. 37-38). However, it is not specified which regiment the soldiers belonged to. If anyone has this information, I would gladly add it to the site. For now, I will post the list of those that were enlisted, and add information as I gain it.

Adams, James W.
Adams, Robert W. (1st Lt.)
Alford, Joseph B.
Allen, Wiley
Arnold, Perry
Avriett, James
Avriett, James E.
Baker, Thomas
Barker, William H.
Barr, Thomas G.
Barton, Newell
Barton, Ransom L.
Bell, George S.
Bell, Thomas N.
Bellflower, Robert Relford
Bevill, Claiborn
Blair, William W.
Bland, James
Boone, Benjamin F.
Bracewell, James Polhill
Bradshaw, Clayton
Bradshaw, John
Bridges, Riley
Buckles, Richard
Burke, William Walter
Burnam, James
Burnett, James
Burnham, William M.
Bush, William R.
Bussey, Joseph H.
Byrd, Arthur J.
Byrd, Vander
Caldwell, John Madison
Camp, Paul Douglas
Carmichael, John W.
Carswell, James Monroe
Cason, Henry M.
Cheshire, Handen
Cheshire, Orin Hightower
Christmas, James
Clardy, James M.
Clardy, Thomas Avia
Clifton, George W.
Coleman, Noah J.
Collins, Samuel K.
Cone, Charles F. (Capt. Co. E. 1st Fla. Cav.)
Cone, J. Barnard (Lt. Co. K. 2nd Fla. Cav.)
Cone, William H. (Capt. Co. G. 5th Fla Cav.)
Cooper, Jesse T.
Cribbs, Covington
Cribbs, Darrel J.
Cribbs, Jordan
Cribbs, Owen B.
Culbreath, Obediah
Daniels, Elias
Day, William
Deas, B. M.
Deas, Joseph
Deas, Matthew M.
Dempsey, Andrew J.
Dempsey, Matthew W.
Dixon, Perry V.
Downing, G. W.
Downing, Samuel Elk
Duckworth, Charles Ennis
Dukes, W. L.
Duncan, A. Jack
Duncan, Moses L. (Capt. Co. I, 2nd F. Inf.)
Duncan, T. S.
Duncan, Wiley
Eatmon, Gaston Sr.
Ellis, Charles S.
Fletcher, Charles Newton
Fletcher, N. B.
Foose, Moses
Frink, John
Frink, J. W.
Gerry, Charles E. W.
Gill, William
Godfrey, John T. (Surgeon 5th Fla. Inf.)
Goodman, John
Goodman, Timothy
Green, Daniel D.
Green, John
Green, Thomas
Hall, John
Hall, Nehemiah
Hall, Scott
Hanna, J. E. (Capt.)
Hardee, James H.
Hately, J. C. (Col. 5th Fla. Inf.)
Herndon, Levy H.
Hewitt, John Jasper
Hicks, Newton
Hillhouse, Samuel M.
Hinton, Augustus
Hires, Phillip Southwell
Hodges, Robert C.
Hogans, A. H. Sr.
Horne, Eli C.
Horne, Sam J.
Howard, N. H.
Hunter, R. H.
Hunter, Thomas J.
Hunter, Thos. J.
Hunter, W. M.
Hutcherson, Thomas J.
Inabeth, James N.
Jackson, James O.
Johns, James N.
Johns, William Riley
Johnson, David B.
Kendrick, Robert M.
Kinsey, George
Knight, M. M.
Kighton, William Calvin
Knowles, James J.
Knowles, Riely Alexander
Law, Thomas J. (Capt. Co. C. 3rd Fla. Inf.)
Law, Ison J.
Lee, John H.
Lee, Tyre Lewis
Lee, Wiley Sr. (1st Lt. Co. E, 2nd Fla. Cav.)
Leigh, Philomen
Lewis, James Sheppard
Marlow, John S.
Mathis, James Fountain
Morgan, John L.
Morgan, Joseph (2nd Lt. Co. C. 10 Fla. Inf.)
Morgan, W. L.
Moye, James F.
Mullis, James
Musselwhite, James
McAlpin, W. W.
McCall, B. F.
McDonald, Randal
McGhin, Henry
McLeod, John B.
McLeod, W. H.
McRae, Norman
Nobles, John
Nunn, Joseph
Padgett, John
Padgett, Zachariah
Parnell, James B.
Parrish, John Lawton
Pennington, H. L.
Pennington, W. M.
Pennington, W. P.
Perry, Owen F.
Polhill, Thomas A.
Prather, J. Y.
Purvis, J. H.
Rainey, Berrian
Ratliff, James Lewis
Rawlins, Robert
Register, David D.
Register, Ivey
Register, James T.
Rice, Smith (Surgeon 2nd Fla. Reg.)
Richardson, Wm. Bluitt
Robarts, William
Roberson, William
Roberts, Joshua H.
Roberts, Richard Raborn
Rouse, Sol.
Royals, Alexander
Scaff, John Early
Shaw, Sylvanus
Shiver, James A.
Silas, David
Silla, William
Simmons, William
Sistrunk, Calvin
Sistrunk, William Edward
Smith, A. S.
Smith, Edmund
Smith, F. M.
Smith, James David
Smith, John F. Sr.
Smith, Nathaniel
Smith, Wilder
Spivey, James W.
Stewart, Henry J. (Capt. Co. I, 2nd Fla. Inf.)
Taylor, Haywood Jasper
Taylor, Jeremiah B.
Taylor, John Blackston
Taylor, Lewis L.
Tavell, Sampson
Tellford, Wm. B.
Tidwell, Dave H.
Tucker, James (Capt. Co. H., 8th Fla. Inf.)
Tuten, John E. (Maj.)
Tyre, Lewis
Tyre, Soloman
Westberry, J. M.
Westberry, Simeon A.
Wetheringon, John
White, Daniel Henry
Williams, John
Williams, M. E.
Willis, A. D.
Willis, D. Tom
Willis, Reuben H.
Woods, W. R.
Wynn, G. W.
Yates, Owen
Zipperer, T. E.

If I find other soldiers that have ties to Hamilton County that are not listed from either of the above sources, I will add them in this section.

Hall, Elisha
Tuten, William Robert

If a name is hyper-linked, it indicates that additional information has been added about that particular soldier. Simply click on the link to see it.

Early History of Hamilton County, Florida: A Bicentennial Project. Published by The Jasper News, 1976. Compiled by Cora Hinton.

2nd Florida Infantry, Company I. Obtained from:

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  1. If you could please post the additional info on Edmund Mathis Smith
    ? he is your list of Hamilton County Civil War Veterans..Edmund Mathis Smith was appointed 2nd Lieutenant in Captain Charles F. Cone’s Company E,1st Florida Cavalry by Captain Charles Cone himself…..See additional info on Edmund M Smith on the following Find A Grave Web site that I have created

  2. These are the names of those that are listed as “Civil War Veterans” in the “Early History of Hamilton County, Florida” (Hinton, p. 37-38). Bellflower, Robert Relford
    March 14, 1861 Robert Relflord Bellflower, age 39, enlisted as a private, in Captain Frink’s Company (Militia) (Hamilton Co.). In May 1862 Frinks’ Guard was inducted into the CSA as Company “F”, 5th Florida Infantry Regiment. Robert Bellflower was discharged on October 31, 1864 in Petersburg, VA (WPA Form in Tallahassee).
    There are books in Clay County, FL library which may help put these men to a military unit. I am interested in helping fill in their units.

    George Thomas

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