Various & Sundry Warrants, Etc., 1935-1936

I have posted a set of warrants that I found in the old court house archives. All of them were in the same envelope, so I posted them on the same page, but I have listed below the case names.

State of Florida vs. A. West Castleberry. Assault & Batery.
State of Florida vs. O.B. Fowler. Exhibiting Deadly Weapon In a Careless & Angry Manner.
State of Florida vs. Julian Fowler. Indecent & Vulgar Language.
State of Florida vs. Herman Lindsey. Indecent & Vulgar Language.
State of Florida vs. Fossie Payne. Murder.

Please note that they have all been transcribed exactly as they were originally written, meaning that all errors have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the original.

Jackson Spring

I recently found a page online through the Florida Historical Legal Documents site that pertains to Hamilton County. It is the incorporation of a place called Jackson Spring, but I have been unable to determine where it is located or find anyone who has ever heard of it. If anyone can offer any information pertaining to this city/spring, please email me at

The transcribed document can be found at this page:

1932 Obits from the Jasper News

I have posted the obituaries and the obituary index from the Jasper News for the year 1932. Please note that the obits of Mr. G.W. Smith and Mrs. Emily Cone Pound are not completed, although they are posted. I am waiting for the rest of them from the news office. Again, I have transcribed the obits exactly as they were printed in the paper, typos included.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at

Churches of Hamilton County

I have posted a list of churches that either are or were located in Hamilton County and thier contact numbers. It is always wise to call ahead to make sure that someone will be available to help you in your search, should you decide to visit and view records that the church may have on hand.

The list of churches can be found here: Churches of Hamilton County

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