Various & Sundry Warrants, Etc., 1935-1936

I have posted a set of warrants that I found in the old court house archives. All of them were in the same envelope, so I posted them on the same page, but I have listed below the case names.

State of Florida vs. A. West Castleberry. Assault & Batery.
State of Florida vs. O.B. Fowler. Exhibiting Deadly Weapon In a Careless & Angry Manner.
State of Florida vs. Julian Fowler. Indecent & Vulgar Language.
State of Florida vs. Herman Lindsey. Indecent & Vulgar Language.
State of Florida vs. Fossie Payne. Murder.

Please note that they have all been transcribed exactly as they were originally written, meaning that all errors have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the original.

Various Cases from the Court House Archives

I have created a page that will house the various cases that I pull from the Court House Archives while I am searching for different pieces of information. You can find the page here:

Cases From the Court House Archives

Today I have posted the Annual Return of W.Y. Sandlin and P.H. Sandlin. However, there is some discrepancies in the file. On the outer envelope of the file, it states “P.H. Sandlin” but on the actual papers, it says “P.D. Sandlin.” It also appears to be signed “P.D. Sandlin,” so I am inclined to believe that a clerk made an error while typing the envelope to hold the file.

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