March 17, 1944

March 17, 1944
Democrats Meet Saturday April 11

On Saturday, April 1st, the Hamilton County Democratic Committee, and various office seekers will meet at the courthouse, to decide upon the dates and places for the public speaking of candidates, offering for office.

All who are interested, are requested to appear at this meeting.

Auxillary Police Being Organized

All over the state of Florida, small groups of men are being taught the primary principles of how to conduct themselves as police officers and gentlemen.

Hamilton County is not going to be an exception. Beginning in the next few days, an auxiliary police group will be organized in this county. A meeting was held Wednesday night, here, at the local courthouse for the purpose of going into more or less detail on the matter. It is no more or less than a Home Guard, to take action if and when needed by the civil police authorities, and acts under and only upon the call of the duly elected sheriff of a county.

The members have to take some twelve or fourteen lessons and pass an examination before being accepted as a bonifide member.

We’ll give more information on this as we ourselves obtain more.

However, in its basic idea it sounds to us as if it were good. If for no other reason than the fact that you can’t teach a man how to be a law officer, without he becoming a normal and natural aide and assistant to the law enforcing bodies of a community.

New Postal Rates Effective March 26

Some few changes in the postal rates take effect March 26th. And we can all kiss the little red 2-cent stamp goodby. It no longer has a special duty to perform, except perhaps when used in connection with a nice green 1-cent stamp to mail out a letter.

Bills, and so on can still be mailed in town, to the holder of a box for the old one cent.

Modification of Mail For Army Personnel Overseas

The War Department has announced that it will no longer be necessary that the requests of Army personnel overseas for articles to be sent such personnel be approved by a commanding officer, provided not more than one parcel shall be accepted for mailing in any one week when sent by or on behalf of the same person or concern to or for the same addressee, and provided further that the parcel does not weight more than 5 pounds, or 15 inches in length or 36 inches in length and girth combined.

Parcels must be accompanied with the written request for the articles therein, together with the envelope bearing the APO cancellation in which the request was received. When the request is contained in a V-mail letter, the envelope will not be required. The request shall be postmarked by the accepting employee in such a manner as to prevent its reuse and then returned to the sender. No perishable matter should be included in any parcels.

Harry T Reid Says “Thanks”
Mr Harry T Reid, Superintendent of public instruction, after keeping most of the County making wild guesses as to whether he was going to run or not, He simply allowed the final date for qualification to slip past.

Here is Reid’s note of thanks:
To the People of Hamilton County
I wish to take this means of expressing to the people of Hamilton County my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity of service you have afforded me by electing me as your superintendent for the past two terms. I have done all within my power to give your children the best possible educational opportunity. For personal reasons, I am not a candidate for reelection.

I shall always be interested in the schools of our county and I shall at all times be ready and willing to do anything for the people of Hamilton County that I can. The latch string to my door is on the outside.
Your friend
Harry T Reid

Reid has held down this responsible position for the past eight years and has done many outstanding bits fo work that will stay with our little county for many years yet to come.

He is to be highly commended in his action of following an old, and honorable democratic tradition, of serving two terms, and then stepping down, and letting some other person take up the work.

His many friends wish him much success in whatever he may undertake, after turning the office to either Bradshaw or Carter, next January.

(No title)

Mr and Mrs Ralph McCall and daughter of Alabama are visiting their mother Mrs I J McCall. Ralph has been accepted and will go into service of his country at an early date.

(No title)

Mrs Louise S Vickers came down from Abbevile, Georgia last week to visit Mrs Drew L Vickers, Sr and to be with Jim Black here on furlough at that time.

Leonnard Slaughter

Leonnard Slaughter, a frequent visitor here died February 22nd in Durbam, North Carolina. Mrs Slaughter will be remembered as Miss Jennie DuBose of Jasper.

The Slaughters were often here during the childhood of their daughters, Louise and Sara.

Mr Slaughter’s funeral was held in Durham, with final rites at Unadilla, Georgia, of which place Mr Slaughter was a native.

Square Dances

If you like to Square Dance – the next few days should suit you. On Friday night there will be one at the Jasper Club House. Also next Tuesday will see the square jookers cavortings at the same location. Then on Saturday, March 25th, Statenville is throwing one at the School, for the benefit of the Red Cross.

March Rally of WMS

On March 30th, at Mout Olive Baptist Church, the Woman’s Missionary Society will begin it annual Rally at 11:00 a m.

Red Cross Drive Meets Halfway Mark

Mr Harry T Reid, chairman of the 1944 Red Cross Drive, reported, that on Wednesday afternoon the drive had reached the halfway mark, or almost the halfway figure. At this time the total on deposit to the account was 1,509.14, with the goal of 3300.00 to be reached by the first of the month.

Among the churches contributing, as churches were the local Church of God, who donated the amount of $35.00 and the Hebron Church with a total donation of something over $46.00.

To date White Springs and Jennings have not yet reported, and so we do not know how their end of the drive is progressing.

However, we hear that the people in both towns are sending in their donations and that sizeable amounts have been collected.

Harry T, says that if you have been overlooked by those contacting, for individual donations, – don’t let this stop you. You can either mail a check to Reid, or to the Bank, or hand the money thru the window and tell Barney or Gene to apply that to the Red Cross Fund.

Our boys in all branches of the service are turning in a marvelous job, in everything they undertake – can we here at home do any less?

Johnson Circle

The Clara Johnson Circle of the WSCS of the Methodist Church met in the home of Mrs J G Black on Monday afternoon for the social and Literary meeting Mrs Clara Johnson for whom the circle is named on her birthday. The rooms downstairs were in lavish decorations of roses, azeleas and spirea from the hostesses’ own garden. The dining table was centered with a bowl of sweetheart roses and flanked by clear swans that held a floating rose each..

The birthday cake at one end was embossed in pink roses and “Happy Birthday Clara”.

Mrs Horace Bland, circle leader, presided, and presented Mrs Jimmie A Harrison, who is program chairman. The prayer was led by Dr Dunkle and Mrs Harrison gave a most inspiring devotional, based on the theme and scripture. The theme was “New Voices” and Mrs Griff Register spoke ably on the “Voices of the Women of the Church.” Dr Dunkle told the part that women played in church affairs and the part that they were now headed for as church leaders. A debate followed with Mrs Horace Bland and Mrs Henry C Overstreet as the debating speakers: Mrs Bland debated that the woman of public affairs should be favored and Mrs Overstreet’s talk favored the domestic woman or the woman’s place in the home.

A round-table discussion of the place for women aroused much comment, and a vote was taken. Each member of the circle voting on how she felt about the place for women and all members with the exception of one, voted that the married woman’s place was in the home. The circle voted to increase the donation to the Red Cross. Dr Dunkle mentioned that several babies were to be baptised on Sunday and at Easter time. A social half hour and refreshments followed the business.

(No Title)

Army Aviation Student, Frank S Bamberg III son of Mr and Mrs F S Bamberg of Jasper, Florida graduated from the 56th College Training (Aircrew) Detachment in Norwich University, recently.

He graduated from Jasper Hi School in 1942 and attended John B Stetcon University previous to entering Army Air Aviation Study and training.

Corp R L Peeples

Corporal R L Peeples, of Jasper, Florida, who is now stationed at Fort Sill, Oklohoma, has entered the Field Artillery Officers Candidate School.

Corporal Peeples is the son of Mr and Mrs W L Peeples, of Jasper, Florida.

Corporal Peeples graduated from the Jasper High School in 1940 with high honors and graduated from the University of Florida before entering the Army.

Under completion of the 17-week course he will be commissioned a second lieutenant of the field artillery in the Army of the United States.

Charles Register, Jr of White Springs,, Killed in Action

Included in the list of 399 United States soldiers killed in action the War Dept., made public today, is Private Charles Register, Jr.

Private Register, who is the son of Charles Register of Star Route, White Springs, Florida met his death in the Mediterranean, area of operation. Valdosta Times.

(No Title)

The U S Navy has announced that Naval Aviation Cadet John Bruce McCall, son of Mr and Mrs John W McCall, of Starke and formerly of Japer, was among the group graduated from the Wesleyn Naval Flight Preparatory School on March 14.

McCall graduated from the local High School in 1941 and was awarded a letter in football.

Prior to the above, he attended the Hospital Corps School in Bainbridge, Maryland, and was one of the honor students of his graduation class. He then served at a Naval Hospital in Philadelphia, and at a Sub Chaser Training center at Miami, Florida, as a Pharmacist mate.

(No Title)
All of those who were sent to Camp Blanding last week for a physical examination are happily discussing when and how and where they are going. Except, the three out of the group, which we understand were found physically unfit for the service.

(No Title)
Pvt and Mrs W P Chandler returned home Monday from Macon and Camp Wheeler where Pvt. Chandler has finished his training. He will be here for a ten day furlough.

(No Title)

Mr and Mrs C J Nix visited their son, Cadet C J Nix, Jr at Feniney General Hospital last weekend. Joe is improving slowly. He was in a plane accident February 23 at Dothan Alabama where he received a broken jaw and several other painful injuries.

(No Title)

Dear Joe-

I will write you a few lines to let you know where I am and to tell you that I sure do enjoy the home town paper. I am in Northern Ireland and I noticed that Stafford Caldwell is over here to, but I haven’t seen him although I would like to very much. It has been over a year since I have seen someone from home. I am getting along fine, in fact I am gaining a little weight, so you see I’m getting plenty to eat.

I sure will be glad when this war is over so we all can go home and live happy lives once more.

I will close for this time. Joe keep sending the paper.

A friend,
Sgt. H M Simmons

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