Advertisements From May 25, 1917 – Jasper News

Jasper News – May 25, 1917
Please do not neglect renewing your Subscription. Date of Expiration appears after address here or on wrapper.

Hamilton County’s Exponent of Principle and Progress.

Hamilton County’s Oldest Paper
Established Twenty-Six Years

June 5 is registration day. All within age limit must register. No exemptions. If you are 21 years old and not yet 31 years old you must register under the selective conscription law. Don’t forget it. This is important.

Advertisement – A Beautiful Present for You From The Jasper News

We have on hand a limited number of knife sharpeners which we are geing to give away for the next few days only, to SUBSCRIBERS to The Jasper News, the home paper of Hamilton County.

The sharpener fastens to the wall or table in the kitchen, one or two strokes puts a KEEN RAZOR EDGE on the butcher knife, the case knife, or anything where a keen edged is desired.

It is worth its its weight in gold to any housewife.

Its an ornament to the kitchen and a joy to all the household.

It is doubtful if you could obtain one anywhere at retail, so get on while you can. Send a dollar for THE JASPER NEWS for one year, and we will send you one of these useful articles free of charge, AS A PRESENT. It will be mailed to your address immediately.

If you are already a subscriber, send us one dollar, you subscription will be extended for another year, and you will receive the present, FREE.

We only have 75 left – so don’t delay.

They will not last long. So send your subscription today. Address.

Jasper, Florida.

Advertisement – Fertilizer Combination Brand

Fertilizer Combination Brand
Good For Anything That Grows – Vegetables Especially
100-lb Sacks… $2.25
200-lb Sacks… $4.25
Drayage charged extra according to location for small city delivery
Clay… $4.50 per bushel
Brabham… $4.50 per bushel
Velvet Bean Seed… $2.25 per bushel
We also carry a full assortment of Horse and Cow Feed, including Beet Pulp, cocoanut Meal, etc, Please get our prices.
All prices f.o.b. Jacksonville.
702 W. Bay St.
Jacksonville, Fla.

Advertisement – The Bank of Jasper

Every Farmer
As well as every business man should have a bank account.
Your money is safer in the bank than anywhere else.
Paying your bills by check is the simplest and most convenient method.
Your check becomes a voucher for the debt it pays.
It gives you a better standing with business men.
Money in the bank strengthens your credit.
A bank account teaches, helps and encourages you to save.
This bank does all the bookkeeping.
Your bank book is a record of your business.
To those desiring Banking Connections with an Old Established Bank, we extend our services.
Deposits Insured
The Bank of Jasper
Jasper, Fla.

Advertisement – Laboratories, Cleveland, Oh.

Coming to
United Doctors Specialist will again be at
Valdosta, Ga.
Tuesday June 5th, 1917
Hotel Patterson (Parlor Suite)
One Day Only
Hours 9 A. M. to 8 P. M.
Remarkable Success of all these Talented Physicians in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases
Offer Services free of Charge
Eat Heartily – Sleep Soundly
The United Doctors, licensed by the State of Georgia established 1884 are experts in the treatment of diseases of the blood, liver, lungs, stomach, intestines, skin, nerves, heart, spleen, kidney or bladder, bed-wetting, rheumatism, sciatica tape worm, leg ulcers, appendicitis, gall stones, goitre, piles, etc., without operation and are too well known in this locality to need further mention, Call and see them, it costs you nothing. Enjoy Robust Health with Rosy Cheeks and Sparkling Eyes.

Advertisement – E. V. Moore

E. V. Moore, Hamilton County’s PLUMBER
Will do plumbing any where in the County. The plumbing and lighting of country homes a specialty.
Jasper, Fla.

Advertisement – F. C. Caldwell

Stock dip
Stock food
Best Family Medicines on Earth. Toilet Articles.
F. C. Caldwell

Advertisement – Colonial Flour

Colonial Flour
Can’t You Guess
I never saw anything like the way people are crying for Colonial Flour – I simply can not keep ‘em supplied on my route,” said a salesman who calls on the customers of one of the big groceries to take orders.

Then he grinned a bit and said “he didn’t blame them, for HE liked biscuits made out of Colonial himself.”

In two grades – Colonial plain flour and Velvet, the world’s best self-rising flour.

Betty Blythe.

Advertisement – The Reliable Professional Directory of the City of Jasper, Florida.

I. J. McCall
Attorney at Law
Office up-stairs in The Bank of Jasper block, Jasper, Fla.
Will practice in all State Courts

B. B. Johnson
Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Equity
Office Southeast corner of Court House square, Jasper, Fla.

C. A. Stephens
Attorney at Law
Office upstairs Horne & Greene Block
Jasper, Fla.
Will practice in all Courts.

Russell L. Frink
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Horne & Greene Building
Jasper – Florida.
Will practice in all courts, State and Federal.

Dr. W. M. O’Cain,
Physician and Surgeon.
Jasper, Fla.
Office: Hamilton Pharmacy. Phone 18. Residence Phone 39.

Dr. M. W. Knowles,
Dental Surgeon,
Office upstairs in Bank of Jasper Block
Crown and Bridge work, and the repairing of broken plates are my specialties. Call on me.

R. L. Watson
Office over Commercial Bank, Jasper, Florida.

Jasper, Florida
Horne & Greene Bldg
C. R. Horne
Civil Engineer
Re-Surveys and Subdivision of Large Tracts of Land for Colonization Purposes.
Estimates and Plans. Supervise Construction of Sewerage, Water Works and Paving.

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