Pensacola’s Grand Welcome

A hearty welcome

The people of Pensacola, with one voice, extend a hearty welcome to their honored guests from all sections of the state, who have come to witness the evidences of the progress that has been made in recent years in the development of one of the finest regions of Florida from a howling wilderness into a land flowing with the milk and honey of a productive prosperity.

pensacolas grand welcome. The pleasing picture of happy homes

To those whose good fortune it is to reside in this favored region, the story of the opening up to civilization and prosperity of the counties composing West Florida is entirely familiar. The pleasing picture of happy homes, and smiling, fruitful fields and busy, prosperous towns and villages that now greets the eye of the traveler from the Apalachicola to the Perdido, and from the Gulf coast to the state line, is one that testifies truly of the magic influence of modern civilization.

Gathered in the appointed place our visitors find an immense and varied collection of the chief products of this wonderful region. These are to go to the great exposition at Atlanta, there to be viewed by the assembled throngs of visitors from all parts of the world. The story they will tell of West Florida’s greatness, its fertility, its attractions and resources, and of the industry and intelligence of its people, will be repeated again and again and spread, broadcast throughout the habitable globe.

pensacolas grand welcome. The people of West Florida will have no occasion to be ashamed of their representation at Atlanta         

The people of West Florida will have no occasion to be ashamed of their representation at Atlanta, and they may confidently count upon the unnumbered benefits that will be certain to accrue from this exhibit of what West Florida is and what her people can do.    

THE NEWS cordially joins the people of the city in tendering a hearty welcome to the city’s guests, and wishes them a pleasant and profitable visit, and a safe return to their respective homes.


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