Bonaventure Cemetery

bonaventure cemetery 1901
Via Shorpy

Bonaventure Cemetery was established in 1846 as Evergreen Cemetery. It’s Southern beauty and history now fill 100 acres near Savannah. A description from 1880:

“They have christened it Bonaventure, derived from the Spanish, signifying, Coming good. Here rest, in the unyielding embrace of death, those whose warfare in life has ended, where the huge live-oaks, with overlapping limbs, entwine with their companions, forming natural triumphal archways, while the somber-hanging gray moss clings lovingly to its outstretched arms, waving in the winds like some weird fancy that lingers only on the brink of uncertainty. These beautiful grounds were once the home of the Tatnall family, but have now been purchased and devoted to the dwelling of the dead, whither the living can come and contemplate the change which awaits them all.”

Petals Plucked from Sunny Climes. Silvia Sunshine

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