Page 1 of The Jasper News – May 25, 1917

Posted today is a page one of The Jasper News from May 25, 1917.

A Leader Among the Nations Daily Newspapers And Dixie’s Favorite
Big Cattle Deal.
Clear Away the Waste.
No title – McGhin, Morgan, Jackson
No title – Brennan, Hunter
No title – Smith
No title – Smith
No title – DeGraffenried, Tuten, Bryan
Latest improvements.
High School Students of the Nation Should Receive Military Training
Legal Advertisements.
No title – Tact
The Origin of Carrier Pigeons.
Prompt Decisions.
Muscle Soreness Relieved.
Government and Business Must Co-Operate In Upbuilding of American Industry

Names pertaining to Hamilton County include: W. M. Webb, Lee Bird, A. W. Miller, B. M. Smith, Benton Smith, Kathleen DeGraffenried, Julia Tuten, W. L. Bryan, Kate McGhin, J. A. Jackson, Roy Morgan, C. W. McGhin, W. L. Morgan, Stella Brennan, Myrtice Hunter, Esther Smith, Wallace Smith, B. B. Johnson, Virginia P. Polhill, and J. C. Bracewell.

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