Jasper News Advertisements, Part 2 – May 25, 1917

Well, for some strange reason, when I posted the set of advertisements from the front page of The Jasper News the other day, I saw the hugest spike in visitors I’ve ever seen for my site. I have no idea what everyone’s looking for, but here’s a second set of advertisements. I guess we’ll see what happens. :)

So, with that said: here is a second set of advertisements, scattered throughout the rest of The Jasper News for May 25, 1917. There weren’t enough on each page to separate them further, so I didn’t.

Take note of the one from the Jasper Dollar – I added a small excerpt from it. I found it rather amusing. :)

Advertisement – M. Myers
Advertisement – Mill Flourist
Advertisement – Peninsular Metal Co.
Advertisement – Edgar Eyes
Advertisement – Antonios Zembillas
Advertisement – Thos. S. Adams
Advertisement – Stafford Caldwell
Advertisement – K. C. Lee
Advertisement – Hotel Burbridge
Advertisement – united newspaper
Advertisement – Barney Cheshire
Advertisement – By A Jasper Dollar
I AM A DOLLAR. A little ageworn, but still in circulation. I am proud of myself for being in circulation. I am no tomato can dollar – not I. This town is only my adopted home, but I like it and hope to remain permanently. When I came out of the mint I was adopted into a town like this in another state. But, after a time, I was sent off to a big city, many miles away.
Advertisement – Selective Conscription Law
Advertisement – Wolf Lipsitz
Advertisement – H. V. Lane
Advertisement – The Peruna Company
Advertisement – P. F. McCall & Son.

Some Hamilton County names of interest include: M. Myers, Antonios Zembillas, Thos. S. Adams, Stafford Caldwell, K. C. Lee, G. H. Wynn, McGhin, Max Itzkovitz, Cody Wilson, Pennington, Omar P. Hewitt, Braxton Small, Wolf Lipsitz, H. V. Lane and P. F. McCall.

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