March 17, 1944: Jasper News

Quite a few articles from the Jasper News for this date, March 17, 1944. Of course, not all, but just a smidgen of bits and pieces, plenty to keep you wondering what’s going on.

Hamilton County related names are: Reid, Bradshaw, Carter, McCall, Vickers, Black, Slaughter, DuBose, Johnson, Bland, Harrison, Dunkle, Griff, Overstreet, Bamberg, Peeples, Register, Camp Blanding, Chandler, Camp Wheeler, Nix, Caldwell, and Simmons.

As always, enjoy, and let me know if there’s something you would like to see!

Index of Articles:

Democrats Meet Saturday April 11
Auxillary Police Being Organized
New Postal Rates Effective March 26
Modification of Mail For Army Personnel Overseas
Harry T Reid Says “Thanks”
(No title) – McCall
(No title) – Vickers, Black
Leonnard Slaughter
Square Dances
March Rally of WMS
Red Cross Drive Meets Halfway Mark
Johnson Circle
(No Title) – Bamberg
Corp R L Peeples
Charles Register, Jr of White Springs,, Killed in Action
(No Title) – McCall
(No Title) – Camp Blanding
(No Title) – Chandler
(No Title) – Nix
(No Title) – Caldwell, Simmons

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