Where to Start?

I have decided to focus on two houses at one time. I feel that in that way, I will be able to keep busy with one or the other. I have found in previous research that sometimes it is the case that one runs into a dead end, and it is sometimes easier to put a project aside and let it rest before returning to it. For that reason, I will decide this week which two houses I will begin with. Any suggestions?

Please note that when transcribing materials, I will keep the same wording that the original document uses. For example, if a word is misspelled in the original, then I will have it mispelled in the transcription. As a second note, if I cannot read a letter or word in the original document, I will place a question mark (?) in that letter’s place, even if it is in the middle of a word. Thirdly, I will mark identifying features of the original document in bold type on the transcription. This includes handwritten words, phrases, or signatures, as well as stamped words, raised seals or items affixed to the original document.

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoys reviewing a piece of history in real time, and I hope that some use can come of each item.

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